Listing 1: The new and improved connection string

Dim remoteConnString As String = "Provider=sqloledb;
Data Source=MyServerName;
Integrated Security=SSPI;
Persist Security Info=False"
'Dim remoteConnString As String = "Provider=sqloledb;
Data Source= MyServerName;
User Id=sa;
Password = 2ReplMe!Baby"

Listing 2: Pointing RDA to the SSL connection and providing account information

'///Where to find the server agent via HTTP
Rda.InternetUrl =
Rda.InternetLogin = txtName.Text
Rda.InternetPassword = txtPassword.Text

Listing 3: Replication code changes

'///Set Internet properties for
'///authentication/authorization with IIS/SQL
repl.InternetUrl =
repl.InternetLogin = txtName.Text
repl.InternetPassword = txtPassword.Text

'///Set Publisher security properties.
repl.PublisherSecurityMode =
'repl.PublisherLogin = "sa"
'repl.PublisherPassword = "password"