Listing 1

<!--- Retrieve the most recent records from each salient issues database --->
SELECT IssueID, PubDate, Title, AuthFirst, AuthLast, ConfStatus, Summary, 'APD' AS IssueType
FROM Issues INNER JOIN Authors ON (Issues.AuthorID = Authors.AuthorID)
WHERE PubDate >= #CreateODBCDate(DateAdd("M", -1, Now()))#
--- SQL abbreviated for clarity ---

Listing 2

<!---  QoQ to combine records from multiple databases into a single result set --->
<CFQUERY DBTYPE="query" NAME="getRecentIssuesR3">
FROM getRecentIssuesAPD
FROM getRecentIssuesEAID
--- SQL abbreviated for clarity ---
ORDER BY PubDate DESC, IssueType

Listing 3

<!--- Use Tab Navigator container to split up content among 3 tabs --->
<CFFORMGROUP type="tabnavigator">

<!--- 1st Section of Tab Navigator --->
<CFFORMGROUP type="page" label="Details">
Display Title, IssueType, PubDate, etc. here

<!--- 2nd Section of Tab Navigator --->
<CFFORMGROUP type="page" label="Summary">
Display the large Summary text area here

<!--- 3rd Section of Tab Navigator --->
<CFFORMGROUP type="page" label="Print">
Display the three "Print option" links here


Listing 4

<CFFORMITEM type="html" bind="<a target='_blank' href='printsalient.cfm?docType=flashpaper&prog=
&IssueID={salientsGrid.selectedItem.IssueID}'>Adobe Flashpaper</a>" />